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My experience with Zyprexa

I took Zyprexa for 3 years (now I take Abilify). I used to weigh 136 pounds. After taking Zyprexa for about 9 months, I had gained over 80 pounds. After the 9 month period I stopped gaining. Zyprexa makes you not give a shit about ANYTHING. In a way, that's pretty cool. But I was overly sedated, had a puffy face, always tired and was overweight. My doctor told me I could go off of Zyprexa instantly. I tried but I couldn't do it, I had severe mood problems when I stopped the drug. So I took it evey-other-day for a week or so, then every 3rd day. finally, after about 3 weeks, I was off from it. But I was taking Risperdal at the same time.
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Do you like Abilify?

I've taken zyprexa before and always felt gross on it. I also struggled with weight gain.
Yes, I like abilify. I have slowly lost weight (about 25 pounds) but it took a year & a half. I was overly tired for the first 2 weeks when I started the drug but I came out of it. It's not like zyprexa at all. I feel pretty good but I still have some minor paranoia at times.
I've recently been diagnosed as a bipolar. My doctor started me off on Efforex and then lithium and recently put me on Zyprexa. I honestly have no idea why im on Zyprexa but since then all I want to do is eat and I wake up feeling incredibly dizzy I just don't feel normal anymore!
stop taking zyprexa!