none (brynnigirl) wrote in zyprexa_addict,

This is it from me... I promise!

So I thought I'd share my friggin nightmare of a week with you all... I tried to tear myself away from my dear friend Zyprexa... :( I thought that since I had started topomax, perhaps topomax could take care of the mood stabalizing maintenance needed to be done and battaboom battabang.. but boy was I kidding myself... I've tried to get off Z before without a stabalizer and that was hell.. but man WITH topomax it was just as hellish if not even more hellish... Anyhow.. point being, dear ones... I NEED my Zyprexa... (or at least some strong drug chemically composed similarly in structure to the beast)... I hate being so dependent on a chemical to make me "normal." But on the other hand it is also nice to know that there is something out there to help what ails my brain. *Sings praises to the mucky men behind modern meds*
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