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hello, hello

I took Zyprexa for a little over a year during my experimentation process in "finding the right thing." I experienced a weight gain of about 30lbs., and at the end of that year, my hair started falling out massively. I kept asking my doc if it was the Zyprexa, but he promised it wasn't. I was using special shampoo, taking a lot of zinc, and everything, but I kept losing my hair (at the age of 22). Long story short- hair loss is a very infrequent side effect. I did enjoy Zyprexa, but I too slept through my alarm and it almost cost me my job many times. (Luckily, my boss was very empathetic.) Now- I've found that a balance of Topamax (300mg) and Klonopin (3mg), both prescribed, work well for me. As soon as I got off the Zyprexa, exercising and taking Topamax helped the weight come off. (THANKFULLY!) Back then, I was on 10mg of Zyprexa and at one point was moved up to 15mg, but it cut into other areas of my life severely, so it was reduced. Good luck to everyone on here who has to go through the shitty process of finding what works for you!
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