none (brynnigirl) wrote in zyprexa_addict,

seroquel, anyone???

For those of you who are currently taking or have tried seroquel... how do you rate it's anxiety combating powers in comparison to zyprexa's??? I think I've pretty much given all the others except for seroquel a fair shot... and I love my zyprexa.. but I just kind of always wonder... what if seroquel would work better for me.

The one time I did try it I totally freaked out and had a racing brain all night long... It was like the worst panic attack ever!!!!!! So that kind of scares me, but at the same time I'm still almost willing to give it another shot.
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Hmm - I've only ever been on Zyprexa and Seroquel at the same time, and I can't tell they do fudge for my anxiety. :(
been taking seroquel for a month now, it's much better than zyprexa since zyprexa slowed my mind down, i couldn't do anything productive. Immediately went off that drug. Now.. Seroquel is a big improvement. It is designed to help you go to sleep, and has a weaker psychotic effect on you. first week of taking seroquel was insane. was having realistic-like lucid dreams while I was awake. I knew this when I was thinking thoughts, other people could "hear" my thoughts. This was during my recent insomniac mania episode. BTW, I practice meditation, so I managed to stay awake through nights of seroquel. There's more to Zyprexa and Seroquel than just that little anxiety problem.




June 12 2010, 22:16:00 UTC 7 years ago

i took seroquel (and i still am.. i want to go on wellbutrin) and for the fist couple of months, i was incredibly manic. but that settled down, and then, i gained at least 25 lbs. as for the mood effects after those few months of manic behavior, i feel like i need some kind of anti depressant. my doc told me that tegretol (sp) and clozapine were to toxic but i still think i need clozapine... oh.. btw NEVER TAKE INVEGA!!! i can`t stress this enough. you will not sleep a wink and you will wake up at odd times in the morning.. and while i was on invega i was feeling suicidal and was hallucinating. if you want to talk my email is